Venue & Rates

VENUE: International Centre, Toronto, Canada

Raw Space (min. 200 sq ft ): CAD 25 PER SQ. FT.
Raw Space + Corner 2/3/4 sides opened (min. 200 sq Ft): CAD 27 PER SQ. FT.
* Only space is provided:
Pipe & Drape Structure:
Standard Booth 10’x10’: CAD 30 PER SQ. FT.
Standard Booth + Corner 2/3/4 sides opened: CAD 33 PER SQ. FT.
*Standard Booth Inclusions: 10’ x 10’ draped booth, with 10x10 carpet, One ID sign of 9”x48”, One 6’ skirted table, two fabric chairs and one wastebasket:
Enhanced Booth Package:
Octanorm Structure Standard Booth (Min 9 sq meters): CAD 4000 FOR A 9 SQM. BOOTH
Standard Octanorm Booth + Corner 2/3/4 sides opened (min. 9 sqm.): CAD 4400 per Booth
*Standard Booth Inclusions: Hard wall partition, Fascia with Company name and booth number (Max. 24 Letters),10’ x 10’ draped booth, with 10x10 carpet, one 6’ skirted table, two fabric chairs and one wastebasket:
TAX - 13% HST for Canada based exhibitors only

Payment Schedule:
1. Advance 50% payments at the time of booking and the balance 60 days prior to the event.
2. Payment can be made by Company Cheque/ Bank Transfer/ e-Transfer.

Details for bank transfer of payments:
Beneficiary : MEX International Inc.
Bank : Royal Bank Of Canada.
Current A/C No. : 01678-003-1033521
Swift Code : ROYCCAT2
ABA/Routing Number : 021000021
Bank Address : 7020 Saint Barbara Blvd, Mississauga
State/Province : Ontario
Country : Canada

* Exhibitors will have to pay all bank transfer charges.

3. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to the exhibition unless payment is recieved in full, prior to the setup.